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        Electromagnetic vibrating screen

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        Electromagnetic vibrating screen

        Electromagnetic vibrating screen is mainly used in the packaging process, the coarse particles in cement to be separated in order to get qualified cement powder.

        Electromagnetic vibrating screen vendor

        Electromagnetic vibrating screen 


        The vibrating screen of the electromagnetic vibrator has eight mounting angles: 90 °, 82.5 °, 67.5,60 °, 52.5 °, 45 °, 37.5 °, 30 °, when used according to the output and screening accuracy requirements to adjust.

        working principle

        Electromagnetic vibrating screen This machine is composed of base, vibration chamber, material door and electromagnetic exciter. After the machine exciter is started, the vibration force will be generated to drive the vibrating chamber vibration. The material will be filtered downwards, To meet product quality requirements.


        Electromagnetic vibrating screen has a high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, stable and reliable, parts not easy to damage, life and so on.


        Electromagnetic vibration screen for medicine, food, chemicals, cosmetics and other industrial raw materials sifting.


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