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        Industrial baghouse filter bags for cement plant

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        Industrial baghouse filter bags for cement plant

        During Cement production process , there is a lot of dust and gas emissions outwardly . Collect and process the dust-containing gas is the main task of the cement industry and environmental protection .

        Industrial Baghouse Filter Bags for the Cement Industry

        Industrial Baghouse Filter Bags for the Cement Industry 


        Cement industry dusty gas emissions , depending on the different process , you need to select a different industrial baghouse filter bags for cement plant.Our professional engineers will give you suggestions.


        Typical Operating Conditions:

        Continue Temperature(°C/℉):


        Peak Temperature: :

        Orientation to the maximum peak temperature of the fibre polymers used


        Cement, clinker, coal, gypsum, lime, raw meal

        Dust Properties:

        Agglomerating, abrasive, explosive

        Dust Source:

        Blast furnace, chlorine bypass, clinker cooler, coal grinding, mill, rotary kiln, spray dryer, silo, transfer stations

        Harmful Gases:

        H2O, NOx, SOx, HCl

        Cleaning Process:

        Pulse jet, reverse air


        Natural gas, coal, oil, secondary fuels

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