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        P84 Needle Felt

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        P84 Needle Felt

        P84 Needle Felt is made of polyimide fiber.

        P84 Needle Felt supplier

        P84 Needle Felt


        The dust only stay on the surface of the filter felt and can not penetrate the filter felt, so the backwashing pressure is small and the efficiency of the filter cake ejecting can be improved significantly, with excellent fine particle collection efficiency and small operating pressure difference.



        In the asphalt plants, cement plants, waste incinerators, liquid-bed boilers, coal-fired boilers, have long-term use of P84 Needle Felt.


        Features of P84 Needle Felt:

        1. High temperature resistance
        Max. operating temperature: 240℃/464℉; Ultimate temperature: 260℃/500℉, so that a safe temperature space to cope with downtime and accidents:
        2. Good chemical resistance
        In the past ten years of incineration of waste incineration work has been confirmed P84 bag acid dust and alkaline dust filter value.
        3.Low backwashing pressure, high shells slime removal efficiency
        The P84 characteristic is remarkable due to the fineness of the fiber itself, but also because the irregular cross-section of the fiber increases the surface area of the fiber to the maximum and provides a lot of tiny pores to make the surface filtration effect better than the depth filtration.


        Standard specification for P84 Needle Felt:

        Fibre Composition

        P84 needle felt

        Scrim Composition

        P84 needle felt







        Mean Air Permeability


        m3/m2/[email protected]

        Breaking Strength-CD ( warp )



        Breaking Strength-MD (weft)



        Breaking Elongation-CD



        Breaking EIongation-MD



        Dry Shrinkage-CD

        < 1


        Dry Shrinkage-MD

        < 1


        Recommended Continous Operating Temperature



        Recommended Short-term Operating Temperature




        Heat setting, singeing, calendering can also be covered



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