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        PE Needle Punched Felt

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        PE Needle Punched Felt

        PE Needle Punched Felt seller


        PE needle felt surface by hot-rolled and singeing or coating finishing, smooth, not easy to plug, no deformation, easy to clean, long service life.The dust removal efficiency is high, and the gas emission concentration is low.


        We can supply all kinds of PE Needle punched Felt:

        Pure PE Needle Felt

        PE blending Needle Felt

        Anti-static PE Needle Felt

        Water & Oil proof PE Needle Felt

        100% polyester staple fiber

        Blending with Nomex, fiberglass, and whatever you want

        Blending with anti-static fiber

        PTFE film or coating

        Big stock available (Standard Products)



        About us

        China Sunrise Mining Equipment(SINOCSM) is a professional mining machinery manufacturer, is a professional development, design, manufacturing, sales in one of the modern environmental science and technology enterprises. Our strong technical force, advanced production equipment and has a complete set of quality system and world-class production equipment. After years of development, we have customers all over the world.

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